The technologies based on the properties of led light have a growing impact in the productive technology of many industries and usually improve the quality of life of each of us.
Bestlux on the basis of this philosophy, designs, manufactures and sells led lighting fixtures since 2009 playing an important role in the application of this technology, developing innovative and high performing products, offering “ad hoc” solutions.
The company is able to provide accurate answers to the requirements of architects, lighting designers, project managers and installers in full compliance with the environmental regulations and energy saving. The company philosophy is the high quality Made in Italy which guarantees care and reliability in the achievements as well as a corporate and commercial organization that supports customers from product selection to project consulting.


Energy Power

Designed by Bestlux to ensure a uniform light beam, the new high-power led projectors reach a
high optical efficiency and is ideal for applications in the industrial sector (production departments,
warehouses, logistics areas) but also for parking and outdoor areas.
The high level of illumination ensures excellent results even from significant heights.

Smooth Bright

Designed by Bestlux Smooth Bright represents a range of LED fixtures featuring an innovative
design and high technological and aesthetic content. The success of this line is the result of the
creativity of our engineers and designers and is mainly based over an easy installation and use.

Space Light

Designed by Bestlux, Space Light products, as the name suggests, are dedicated to “fill” with light
the different spaces of both private and public buildings.
Particularly you can find lamps for architectural works, show-rooms, residences, museums,
commercial areas, accommodations (restaurants, hotels), offices and worship places.

Spot Art

This line of products represents technology, art, and design.
More than simple lamps, these original creations challenge our emotions and give our space a new dimension…. A touch of playful creativity for home or office with products completely hand-made.
The magic of light and the harmony of form: a winning mix.


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