Who we are

The technologies based on the properties of led light have a growing impact in the productive technology of many industries and usually improve the quality of life of each of us.

Bestlux on the basis of this philosophy, designs, manufactures and sells led lighting fixtures since 2009 playing an important role in the application of this technology, developing innovative and high performing products, offering “ad hoc” solutions. The company is able to provide accurate answers to the requirements of architects, lighting designers, project managers and installers in full compliance with the environmental regulations and energy saving.

The company philosophy is the high quality Made in Italy which guarantees care and reliability in the achievements as well as a corporate and commercial organization that supports customers from product selection to project consulting.

Bestlux ceiling lights, lamps and projectors are designed to offer an interesting quality-price ratio and the commercial department is available to calculate the ROI (Return on investment) of the different projects: the leds have proved to be an investment among the most profitable.

Correct lighting is extremely important for life and for all business, domestic ad recreational activities. Led light:

  • improves daily activities and reduces tiredness in workplaces
  • increases night time safety of streets and roads for drivers, pedestrians and residents
  • motivates and stimulates learning and studies
  • improves productivity and safety in workplaces
  • stimulates visual perception in stores
  • emphasizes the visual beauty of works of art
  • contributes to climate protection and energy resources

The high-efficiency led opens unthinkable lighting scenarios.



Our mission is to design and build lighting fixtures which, by improving the quality of light, contribute fundamentally to improve the quality of life in the spaces where they are intended. In order to achieve this double result Bestlux staff and its partners are committed to continuous improvement investing in upgrades of its knowledge, documenting the new technologies, taking advantage of the experiences of each other, creating the best conditions for everyone to contribute to products evolution and improvement.

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